Game of Thrones: Season 6

Excitement across social media this week peaked and it was not due to Kim Kardashian or Emily Ratajkowski getting up to no good. Instead, Game of Thrones released the latest trailer for Season 6 of the now cult series. So what is in store for the discerning gent this term?


Due to air on screens from 24th April in the US (HBO), followed by 25th April here in the UK (Sky Atlantic), anticipation for the new series has been as crazy as one of Tyrion Lannister’s late night parties. Season 5 left off with a number of big questions, primarily led with whether the most famous bastard in the land, Jon Snow, is actually dead or not.

Elsewhere, Daenerys Targaryen is lost in some strange land with only one of her famed dragons, Arya Stark is trying her utmost to be a young woman of many faces as she attempts to pass assassin school and Cersi Lannister has mighty vengeance on her mind. Then there’s the ever-so-small matter of the White Walkers marching south. After all, we’ve been told for the past five seasons that winter is coming.

Season 6 promises more bloodshed, gore, intrigue and dragons. As the series gently approaches the conclusion of who will actually end up on the iron throne, what Season 6 does promise is that no one character is safe and anyone is fair game for a spectacular death.


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Amit Chakravarty

Amit Chakravarty

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