Fuelling Your Caffeine Kicks

Coffee is a wondrous beverage. Available in all shapes and sizes – Venti, piccolo, skinny etc. There’s a favourite for us all. At Elysium Towers we’re known for our love of the humble coffee bean (read here), but is the desire for the freshly ground bean starting to justify its creation at home rather than take to the streets each morning for our caffeine hit?


Elysium wanted to delve a little deeper, under the luscious frothy cream crown of the coffee world to ask the question. Might it pose a wiser investment for the discerning gent to purchase the technology and expertise to create his very own caffeine-fuelled pots of joy in his very own home? Or is he better off visiting his favoured high street barista and live the life of convenience? Perhaps it’s a case of having the best of each option combined into one.


Looking at the sums, buying a regular-sized coffee each working day through the course of the year adds up to quite the sum – approx £650 if you were to have one grande latte per working day. Of course we like all to get our hit more regularly than this so the option to bring the barista into your home (or office) is a viable alternative when these costs start to add up. The numbers make sense to Elysium considering the cups we go through! Here’s our pick of the De’Longhi range of coffee machines suitable for the discerning gent after automated ease or hands-on craftsmanship.


Automised perfection – De’Longhi PrimaDonna Exclusive

Featuring an interactive touch screen display for a multitude of caffeinated pleasures, along with a memory function to store your favourite coffee combinations. (RRP £1,999 available from Harrods).

Release your inner barista – De’Longhi Icona

A traditional bar-pump with 15-Bar pressure and comes with a traditional stainless steel milk frother to make the perfect cappuccino or latte for the purists. Elysium loves the Azure Blue model (RRP £169.99, available from Harrods).


For further details about the De’Longhi range of coffee machines visit www.delonghi.co.uk


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Amit Chakravarty

Amit Chakravarty

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