For Your Drinks Cabinet: The Macallan M

As we fast approach the festive season the discerning gent needs to be thinking about the contents of his drinks cabinet carefully. Without doubt there will be some fine tipples already in there but are there any show-stoppers in the collection too? Well this week Elysium Magazine looks to solve that dilemma for you with this introduction to your drinks cabinet, The Macallan M.


Upon first setting eyes on this vessel you’re immediately drawn in for more. That’s the desired effect. This is in fact a crystal decanter of the utmost beauty. It’s a meticulously crafted crystal decanter from the makers of The Macallan Scotch whisky, but also with the flair of renowned creative director Fabien Baron and crystal makers Lalique.


The crystal decanter is limited editor too – adding to the lustre of a show-stopping tipple in the discerning drinker’s collection. Just 1,750 of these have been produced, each individually engraved with its unique number.


Whilst beautifully crafted decanters are nice to have the contents of this mighty vessel is no let down – holding no less than the delightful Macallan single malt whisky, a vibrant in rosewood colour.


On the nose it has notes of dried fruits followed by vanilla, with nutmeg and cinnamon in the background. On the palate it opens with woody spices then develops into smokiness. The finish is long with heavy notes of raisin and sultanas.


It’s a luxurious scotch whisky to match the decadence of its vessel. It’s best savoured straight up or with a splash of water to release additional flavours. This really is the drink for the discerning gent looking for a show-stopping centrepiece for his collection.


The Macallan single malt is also a favourite of Harvey Specter himself from Suits – as avid fans of the show might have already noticed through the series. The discerning gent is in good company indeed.


Macallan M is 44.7% ABV and available from specialist whisky retailers in the UK, RRP £3,000.


For more details visit: www.themacallan.com

Amit Chakravarty

Amit Chakravarty

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