For Your Drinks Cabinet – Jägermeister Ice Cold

In our quest to recommend only the very best for the discerning gent, the Elysium team searches far and wide. We try to ensure that our discerning gent audience has all that he wants. From all your fabulous feedback we know that sometimes you want a drink that’s going to make things interesting. You want the evening to reach that tipping point where you don’t quite know what will happen next. Well friends, we think that we’ve found one of those drinks. So, for your drinks cabinet this week we welcome Jägermeister.


Now, Jägermeister is nothing new. In fact its notoriety is fabled. Many of us have vague memories of nights out where events took a hazy turn once someone shouted “shots at the bar!” Many spirits can be accused here, and Jägermeister is normally one of the usual suspects that are responsible for reaching said tipping point. Elysium Magazine is a firm believer in everything in moderation so we’re not condoning excessive drinking, but let’s say that sometimes you just want to have a good time.


Now reaching for the Jägermeister is perfectly fine. The spirit has been around for more than 80 years (some say even earlier). The name actually translates to ‘hunt master’ which sounds very manly indeed. While the unique taste of the spirit is made up of 56 different herbs, blossoms, roots and fruits from across the world including star anise, cinnamon bark and ginger roots. These elements are brought together in a process called maceration where the mixture of ingredients is suspended in alcohol-water that extracts the aromatic compounds and essential oils from the herbs. After thorough filtering, the Jägermeister is then stored in oak casks for one year so it can mature its distinct flavour. Once it’s ready, it’s mixed with alcohol, liquid sugar, caramel and soft water to become the finished article. It’s something we all know, love and perhaps fear (well some of you at least!).


So what’s the best way to enjoy this tipple then? When with friends in the comfort of your own home, stick a bottle in the freezer while you catch up. Soon enough the Jägermeister will be ready to enjoy as an ice cold shot. Alternatively there are a number of cocktails you can easily mix up – further details of recipes can be found at the web link below.


Jägermeister is available as a 70cl bottle at 35% ABV. It can be found at leading supermarket retailers and online at The Drinks Shop, RRP £18.99.


For more information and cocktail ideas visit www.jaegermeister.co.uk


Amit Chakravarty

Amit Chakravarty

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