For Your Drinks Cabinet: Herradura Reposado Tequila

In a week where the sun came out to tease us with its rays but sadly lacked the warming heat we all long for, it’s fair to look for alternative forms of a temperature hike. We can get our heat from elsewhere though, right? One of those ways is with a spirit of premium quality that is renowned so its sense of heat. That it also comes from Mexico adds to its aura of warmth. This week Elysium Magazine welcomes to the discerning gent’s drinks cabinet Herradura Reposado Tequila.


Reposado is a premium sipping tequila, created to be enjoyed slowly rather than wasted as a knocked back shot. Think discerning, act refined as always been the Elysium Magazine way. First commercially available in the tiny village of Hacienda San Jose del Rufugio, Mexico in 1974 – it’s still produced in the same traditional way. We’re big fans of not changing something that isn’t broken.


Reposado translates as ‘rested’ and that’s exactly what has happened to this tequila as it rests for 11 months in oak casks which give it a rich deep copper colour. With aromas of sweet agave, cinnamon and a touch of vanilla it’s no wonder drinkers sip this tequila to ensure the scent lasts as long as possible. On the palate it’s smooth with a dry finish of spice.


The story behind Herradura centres on the horseshoe which forms part of the spirit’s logo. The founder of the tequila named it after the lucky symbol after finding a glinting horseshoe in the grounds of his agave fields. It has since brought good fortune to both Herradura and the village it comes from. Let’s hope it’ll bring added good fortune to the discerning gent who adds this to his drinks cabinet and shares it with friends.


Herradura Reposado Tequila is 40% ABV and available in 70cl bottles from The Drinks Shop, RRP £38.59


For further details about Herradura Tequila and cocktail ideas visit: www.herradura.com

Amit Chakravarty

Amit Chakravarty

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