For Your Drinks Cabinet: Havana Club

The rise in temperature this week has the Elysium team feeling tropical. As such, we wanted a spirit that captured the feel-good vibes of a nation that knows how to enjoy themselves in the heat. After all, discerning gents need some rumba flair too. So this week our recommendation for your drinks cabinet is the mouth-watering Havana Club rum.


We’ve not picked just any rum for the discerning gent’s attention. No, this Cuban delight is the classic Havana Club Selección de Maestros – carefully chosen from the distiller’s reserves. This is hand-picked rum aged in bespoke barrels. At the end of the aging process the final blend is bottled straight from the barrel in a technique dubbed ‘Cuban Barrel Proof’.


What does this fancy finish produce? Well that’s the best part. The aromatic hues are the first signs of its quality. On the palate it’s full-bodied sensations of dark caramel, cocoa, coffee and brown spices. Of course this wouldn’t be Cuban rum if there wasn’t a hint of sweet tabacco too. The finish of smoky oak and caramelised fruits is a great balance.


The bottle is something to note too. The shape has elements of another prestige expression – Máximo Extra Añejo, while the thick base and embossed labelling gives it the stature to join the discerning gent’s illustrious drinks cabinet. The smart wood-effect box is also a nod to its Cuban heritage and craftsmanship including, of course, Cuban cigars.


The perfect serve for such a connoisseur’s treat is neat, and drank as a slow sipping rum. The spiced aromas can be brought out further by adding an ice cube or letting the rum breathe for a few minutes. Now you’re ready to enjoy a Cuban delight, letting flavours and aromas transport you to a street party on the cobbled streets of Havana. Not a bad sensation to have when enjoying something from your drinks cabinet.


Havana Club Selección de Maestros is available from the Whisky Exchange, RRP £44.99. For more details, and information about rum cocktails, visit www.havana-club.co.uk

Amit Chakravarty

Amit Chakravarty

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