For Your Drinks Cabinet: Drambuie 15 Year Old

With St Patrick’s Day around the corner we could have taken the easy route and recommended something Irish-themed this week. However, that would be too easy. Instead we’d like to stay with the Celtic theme but focus around Scotland. So, for your drinking persuasion this week, and taking a deserved spot in that burgeoning cabinet of yours, we’d like to introduce you to Drambuie 15 year old.


You might be thinking that it sounds like a strong Scottish name, but what exactly is it? Well my friend, it’s the kind of drink that any discerning gent needs to have in his drinks cabinet. This Drambuie 15 is part of the connoisseur expression – crafted by the union of the rare 15 year old Speyside malt whiskies, known for its soft but complex fragrance, combined with the original Drambuie elixir.


The resulting blend provides notes of aromatic citrus spices, fragrant grass and butterscotch. The feeling on the palette is of a velvet soft caress with a tang of lemongrass and warming malty tones with berries and heather. It’s like the essence of all things Scottish encapsulated in each single measure you enjoy. The finish is equally full of character, with fresh herbs, shortbread and the trademark afterglow of Drambuie elixir.


This is quintessentially the discerning gents’ drink, perfect for sipping and savouring neat or over ice in your favourite tumbler. Somehow we imagine a tranquil scene with a roaring fire and a comfortable armchair as one enjoys sipping away, but that seems a little too far ahead in the twilight years to be perfectly honest. Those days will come, but for now you’re in your prime so can make do with a comfy lounge and engaging conversation to entertain you instead. The only thing that’s important is that you’re relaxed and in the mood to indulge. You deserve a reward after all the great things you’ve been doing lately.


Drambuie 15 year old is available from selected Waitrose stores and www.waitrosewine.com, RRP £32.00.


For further information visit: www.drambuie.com

Amit Chakravarty

Amit Chakravarty

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