For Your Drinks Cabinet: Dalmore 25

Contrary to the very mild weather right now, winter is coming and Christmas is on the horizon which can only mean that the discerning gent is due to stock up with festive tipple in good time. Let’s be fair, we’ve never needed a seasonal excuse to buy premium quality spirits before so why start now. So after somewhat of a hiatus, the drinks cabinet is back and this week we’re recommended the Dalmore 25 whisky.


Before we get stuck into the Dalmore 25 the discerning drinker needs to know that this whisky is a limited edition feature. It’s part of the Dalmore Principle Collection where a mere 3,000 bottles are made available each year. That kind of supply is sure to make this whisky a wanted spirit.


The beauty of the Dalmore 25 is the care and patience needed to nurture it through the aging process. As any whisky aficionado will tell you, this process cannot be rushed and the Dalmore 25 certainly isn’t. As the name suggests, it takes 25 years of careful development to bring out the optimum flavours for the drinker.


Starting off in matured American white oak barrels the whisky is then transferred for the next stage in the process using a combination of Palomino Fino sherry butts and first-fill bourbon barrels. Through stages of mixing and rest each batch of flavours is ‘married’ together before being transferred into Tawny Port casks for the final, yet delicate, finishing period.


This union of flavours results in something very unique, akin to a layered construction of a voluptuous whisky that is certain to be relished after dinner. On tasting the whisky the discerning gent will find notes of fresh vanilla, orange peel, spiced gingerbread and chocolate truffles. It will be a decadent Christmas night should this be chosen as the go-to festive dram.


The Dalmore 25 whisky is 42% ABV and is available in 70cl bottles from The Whisky Shop online  – RRP £600.


For more details the Dalmore 25 whisky please visit: www.whiskyshop.com

Amit Chakravarty

Amit Chakravarty

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