For Your Drinks Cabinet: Courvoisier 21

When the word cognac is mentioned to any of the Elysium team, we have to admit we all come across with a look intrigue and curiosity. What we do know for certain is that it’s definitely a drink for the discerning gent. So this week, our recommendation to your growing drinks cabinet is the rather delightful Courvoisier 21.


To help ease the look of intrigue on yours faces, cognac is a form of brandy produced in the wine-growing regions of France. Courvoisier 21, from the Connoisseur Collection, is special due to the reputation of the grapes it’s made with from the Grande Champange cru, highlighting the most prestigious of growing regions at its glorious peak.


Courvoisier have been somewhat pioneering and revolutionary in style by becoming the first of the leading cognac houses to produce a variety with an age statement. Most cognacs are aged considerably longer than the minimum classification requirement (currently just two years), because cognac matures in the same way as whiskies and wine when aged in a barrel. It’s all about a refined taste, and Courvoisier 21 has this in abundance having been aged for over two decades in fine oak casks.


So what’s the taste of this tipple like then? It’s very smooth, with notes of dried fruits, hazelnuts and apricots with cocoa, honey and spices. This creates a long finish with subtle notes of fine cigar. The taste is the perfect accompaniment to delicate deserts like crème brûlée.


When thinking about cognac, Elysium pictures the scene of sitting in a comfy armchair in front of a fire, gently swirling a cognac glass around whilst catching up on the latest banter with old friends, or reflecting on the day just gone with the lady. It conjures a nostalgic and relaxed vibe that we like. All that swirling does have a purpose too – slowly warming the cognac in your hand and letting the liquid’s surface reacts with the air – helping to bring out the character of the cognac.


Cognac is very much the man’s drink in the true style of the discerning gent, but that’s not to say a lady wouldn’t like this too. There are a great number of cocktails available to suit any palate should your lady decide to get in on the action.


Courvoisier 21 is presented is a stylish gift box, and also includes a booklet to record each sip of indulgence with this spirit. Available from Harrods or Selfridges, RRP £199. For more information visit: www.courvoisier.com

Amit Chakravarty

Amit Chakravarty

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