For Your Drinks Cabinet: Chivas Regal The Icon

Reaching the pinnacle of luxury is an aim for many – however it is a hard objective that most fail to realise. So when a whisky announces such a claim the team at Elysium Magazine need to give it serious consideration for entry into the famed drinks cabinet. After extensive ‘testing’, this month’s recommendation for the discerning gent is Chivas Regal The Icon.


The Icon has been created with a blend of some of the rarest and oldest Scotch whiskies available, even from distilleries that are no longer around. That kind of exclusivity makes this tipple one to get excited about. Especially for the discerning gent with rarity and uniqueness at the forefront of his mind when thinking about his drinks collection.


Craftsmanship is the name of the game here. The Icon is a delicate blend of old and new – with each whisky carrying its own unique characteristics, it takes someone with the knowledge and expertise to pull this one together. No pressure then – which is exactly what the Master Blender at Chivas Regal felt as the blends of more than 20 whiskies from across Scotland were brought together.


While the liquid is the priority here, Chivas Regal has paid attention to the vessel carrying such exclusive cargo. The elegant bottle has been hand-blown by the craftsman at Dartington Crystal and dressed in slick metalwork. There is a green hue emanating from the bottle, almost ethereal in appearance, which is a nod to the very first Chivas Regal bottles from 1908.


So what does a Scotch whisky with all this unique history actually taste like? The dark amber whisky has soft aromas of vanilla and orchard fruits on the nose. On the palate this develops into honey, sweet oranges that lead to chocolate and hazelnut notes. The finish is medium-to-long as the sweet and fruity tones continue.


Chivas Regal The Icon is 43% ABV and comes in 70cl bottles. Available exclusively from March 2016 in-store or online at Harrod.com, RRP £2,000.


For further information visit www.Chivas.com

Amit Chakravarty

Amit Chakravarty

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