For Your Drinks Cabinet: Chase Marmalade Vodka

You’d have to agree that spring is definitely in the air. With the changing of the seasons you might think it’s time to change your tipple in search of something that captures the essence of this new part of the year. Or you simply might fancy a straightforward change in your drinking experience. Either way, this week Elysium Magazine brings to your attention something to tick the box whichever way you decide. So this week Elysium Magazine’s recommendation to this discerning gent’s drinks cabinet is Chase Marmalade Vodka.


Marmalade is one of life’s quintessentially British preserves dating back to the 1700s. The clever folks at Chase Distillery, the English spirit maker known for producing the ‘World’s Best’ vodka, thought the two would make a harmonious union in the form of marmalade vodka. We have to say they were right.


The result is a sipping vodka made using Seville oranges which the vodka is marinated with during the distillation process. The vodka vapours swirl through the fresh orange peel thus creating a bittersweet orange drinking experience. It’s one that screams of spring time.


Best enjoyed neat or over ice, it’s a natural orange experience the discerning drinker needs to savour. On the nose you’re hit with aromas of orange and lemon marmalade. Once on the palate the supple fruity notes delivers a medium-to-full body tangy hit. Finally the finish – a zesty bitter-sweet hue that lingers. It’s also great in refreshing cocktails too.


Chase Marmalade Vodka is 40% ABV and available in 70cl orange (of course) bottles from Harvey Nichols and Waitrose, RRP £35.


For more details about Chase Marmalade Vodka visit: www.chasedistillery.co.uk

Amit Chakravarty

Amit Chakravarty

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