For Your Drinks Cabinet: Beluga Noble Vodka

The Russians really do know their vodka. To find the number one brand of super premium vodka amongst all the competition in the country must seem like an impossible task. Well, not as impossible as you might think. This week Elysium Magazine brings to you such a thing as we introduce to the drinks cabinet of the discerning gent Beluga Noble Vodka.


Before you go jumping to conclusions, no it has nothing to do with the ice-white whale of the same name. Instead we are talking about a malt-based vodka being produced in the same way it was more than a century ago. Using soft natural water from its own artesian well, the natural malt spirit is developed and then filtered through quartz-like sand after which it’s rested to refine the taste.


It’s also one of the most naturally pure vodkas available on the market as it benefits from a natural fermentation process rather than rely on artificial chemical additives to get the gears in motion. So for those discerning gents with an eye on the welfare of the environment you can sip this luxury vodka with a clear conscience.


Best served chilled and savoured as a sipping vodka, on the nose Beluga Noble has a clean smell with very subtle notes of lemon and spice. On the palate it’s light and smooth with touches of citrus zest and a gentle spiciness. The finish is where you’ll receive hits of sweet honey and light malt – a delightful combination the discerning gent is sure to enjoy.


The other way to enjoy this vodka is by paring it with some good quality caviar, such as the best Beluga Caviar of course. However it’s great with fresh seafood too. Russians particularly like to enjoy the vodka this way in restaurants. Now it’s time for discerning gents in the UK to get involved too.


Beluga Noble Vodka is 40% ABV and available in 70cl bottles from Harrods, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols – RRP £36


For further details visit: http://vodka-beluga.com

Amit Chakravarty

Amit Chakravarty

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