For Your Drinks Cabinet: Bacardi Oakheart Rum

Things are getting spicy over at Elysium Towers. It’s nothing to do with a fiery meal mind, but rather a certain new alcoholic beverage. As every discerning gent knows, having something different in the drinks cabinet always leaves you with something up your sleeve to satisfy even the most demanding of drinking partners. It’s for this reason our recommendation for your drinks cabinet this week is the spicy Bacardi Oakheart rum.
Launched to mark the Cuban brand’s 150th birthday in 2012, this is certainly a special bottle of rum. To celebrate this landmark, the master distillers at Bacardi have pulled something special out the hat. The unique blending process plays a big part, producing rum that’s mellowed in charred American white oak barrels. To this they infuse a range of flavours to dance around the palette that includes cinnamon, nutmeg and honey.


What is the result of this alchemist’s creation? A spiced rum spirit drink with a hint of smoke and velvet-like smoothness, juxtaposed with a delicious kick. This results in a taste that packs a one-two punch of maple and honey followed by vanilla and caramel. On the nose it’s rich with the scent of oak, with hints of smoke and background hues of dried fruit – the latter often associated with whiskey. It’s perfect for those taste buds demanding a lively finish.


The perfect serve for such a tipple? It’s great straight up, but Elysium highly recommends combining with ice cold cola in a chilled highball for a refreshing cocktail. Chilled out Cuban rumba tunes is of course optional.


Bacardi Oakheart is available from The Drinks Shop, RRP £20.18


For more details and cocktail ideas, visit www.bacardi.com/uk

Amit Chakravarty

Amit Chakravarty

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