Discerning Gent App Review: Where Chefs Eat

App: Where Chefs Eat


  • Device(s) this app available on: iPhone/iPad


  • Price: £10.49


  • Straightforward user interface and easy to use: Yes


  • Easy to set up: Yes


App Summary

If you simply must wine and dine where professional chefs do then this is the app for you. Following on from the successful book of the same title, this handy app equips the discerning gent with a plethora of dining options from quick bites and grand banquets – all from the recommendations of top-rated chefs from around the world.


The Good

Just like the book, this app is filled with dining options. The app shines in practical use when you have a dining dilemma to solve. Be it a hot date, an important client meeting or simply to try somewhere new with friends – use this app to filter by location and price. If you’re on the move then the interactive maps can help you find out what’s nearby. With over 2,000 entries by 400 of the world’s best chefs you can find hidden gems and worldly culinary delights with ease.


The Bad

This isn’t the first app of its type whilst information about where chefs tend to eat can be found freely on the internet with a bit of desk research if you have time on your hands. The price of the app is also above the average price of the majority of apps on the market right now.



This is handy app for anyone who doesn’t have the time to spend researching new dining options and wants the convenience of having a good deal of information available at their finger tips. For the adventurous foodie this could be a must-have app. Of course, for the discerning gent looking for restaurant recommendations, Elysium Magazine has plenty here too.


Score: 7/10


Link to download the app: Here

Amit Chakravarty

Amit Chakravarty

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