Discerning Gent App Review: Pulse by BioBeats

App: Pulse by BioBeats


  • Device(s) this app available on: iPhone/iPad


  • Price: Free


  • Straightforward user interface and easy to use: Yes


  • Easy to set up: Yes


App Summary

Ever thought your heart beats like a drum? Well now you can turn that beat into music! Pulse by BioBeats is a new app that records your heartbeat to pick up what type of music you should enjoy dependent on your mood. Pressing your finger over the iPhone/ipad camera for a minute allows the software to detect tiny changes in the finger’s colour as blood flows measuring heart-rate which help to highlight how stressed you are. This data recorded over a period of time can help pinpoint moments in a week when you’re stressed and need a pick-me-up.


The Good

The app has a solid knowledge base. Co-founder David Plans, whose doctorate was in artificial intelligence and music is well placed to advise on how music can affect mood. The concept behind Pulse relies on your own heartbeat to dictate the music you listen to through BioBeats. Used over a period of time, the app will build up history of your heartbeat and recommend the best music to calm or excite you through BioBeats.


The Bad

In principle Pulse seems great but it will all rely on the AI behind the system to accurately recommend the music to listen to or film to watch. It’s more a case of watch-this-space as the scope of the app develops.



It’s a great concept but one that relies on you to take your heartbeat measurements regularly. With the knowledge of behavioural scientists, AI experts, musicians and artists sharing knowledge through BioBeats you can fuse your heartbeat to music. For those keen to discover if their heart beats like a drum this will be great.


Score: 7/10


Link to download the app: Here


Amit Chakravarty

Amit Chakravarty

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