Christmas Sound

Elysium Magazine gets down and gritty and searches through the best headphones and speakers money can buy this Christmas. An easy present for the loved one, but with some many options on the market we pick the best.


Big sound on the move


The boomBOTTLE is a portable speaker that’s perfect for adding music to a favourite outdoor activity such as biking. It’s compact design allows it to fit perfectly into any water holder on any bike. The highly anticipated Bluetooth speaker was unveiled at CES 2013, where it was named Innovations and Design Award Honoree for delivering remarkable sound on the go.




The Bluetooth portable speaker is also perfect for use in the office, garage or bedroom, providing the same impressive audio when playing movies, TV programmes or games on a connected mobile device. The boomBOTTLE also features a built-in microphone for use as an enhanced speakerphone capable of delivering clear, echo-free phone conversations.


The boomBOTTLE is available now from Amazon.co.uk for £120.


Airplay – Zipp




An attractive and compact portable speaker boasting all-new PlayDirect technology (as well as Airplay), the Libratone Zipp allows users to take wireless high-end sound to the outside world, eliminating the need to be close to a Wi-Fi connection. Use it anywhere in the house, garden or take it on holiday! Covered in Italian wool, it’s perfect for the discerning gent who wants high quality sound and superb aesthetics. The covers easily zipp off for the colour to be changed too.


Libratone Zipp is available from Apple with one cover £329.99.


Headphone style


scosche-rh656-@ Elysium


Designed with every day comfort in mind, the REALM RH656m ear cushions rest perfectly on the outer ear and are made of memory foam that softens in reaction to body heat, letting it conform to the users shape. The cleverly designed cushions also ensure the ear canal is isolated from ambient noise, sealing the users favourite tracks around their ears. A faux leather headband allows for a superior fit, even when wearing for long periods of time.


They are available now in black or white from Amazon.co.uk for £80.00.


Headphone sound


bose 24704_SWATCH


Bose around-ear headphones give you “best-seat-in-the-house” performance no matter where you are. Whether it’s rock or rap, symphonic or swing, you’ll hear smooth sound, from full lows to clear highs. Soft, cushioned earcups gently surround your ears, yet remain comfortable for hours so you can easily focus on your music. Bose AE2i audio headphones comes with features designed for easy iPhone calling and an inline remote that controls your Apple product.


Bose AE2i headphones are available from www.bose.co.uk from £129.


Headphone comfort




P3 combines pristine audio performance with maximum wearability.  As expected from British audio experts Bowers & Wilkins, the P3’s sound is remarkably detailed, the result of over 40 years of acoustic excellence.  As well as superb audio performance, P3 is designed for portability. Light, yet rugged, P3 is built from aluminum and durable rubber, folds up for easy storage and stows away into its own compact hard-shell carry case.


The ‘Spectrum of Sound’ box-set, priced £679.00, is available exclusively from www.bowers-wilkins.co.uk/shop.

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