Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2

Treyarch has dared to take COD to a whole new level – its 2025 and its not a pretty sight. What’s worse is that the ‘future’ portrayed in the Black Ops 2 trailer is entirely plausible. The game starts in the 80’s where you will see a few familiar faces but in 2025, China is the world’s super power and a cold war with the USA has began. The reason – rare earth elements.


Realistic – yes, imagine the scenario, the rare earth elements are used in everything electronic. Biggest producer of electronic items is China which is also the biggest miner for the rare earth elements.


The story is written by David Goyer (thats correct – Dark Knight!) and Treyarch has sought to employ a consult to iron out the stoey from Brookings Institution which is a USA think tank on everything on economics, governance, foreign policy and global development. This has certainly helped create a future which is entirely believable and in need of help.


In an effort to move the series forward, Treyarch has introduced “Strike Force” missions.. You will now control a black ops group, choosing from a number of levels based on the threat each presents in the current cold war. Success isn’t always guaranteed, and if you lose you will change the course of the storyline. You also pick one mission at the cost of others, meaning that you and your friends might not experience the same story or battles. Elysium Magazine is super excited to see how this will develop, but what about the online multiplayer?


So far, there hasn’t been much mentioned about the multiplayer but we do know that it will all take place in 2025. Despite it being in the future don’t expect new super plasma weapons. COD is determined to make everything as realistic as possible. However, you will see wrist-mounted grenade launchers and sniper rifles which can shoot through walls. Think 007 mixed with Iron Man, nice.


For years commentators have suggested that Call of Duty would jump ahead in time, but instead of super-warp drives and holodecks Treyarch’s presented an unsettling and plausible future. When it comes to a franchise as successful as Call of Duty, big changes mean big risks, and Black Ops 2 looks like a slick new direction for the series. It attempts to address longstanding criticisms regarding formulaic campaigns, and doesn’t rely on events that already occurred to create a plot. Despite the future looking bleak, we have never been so excited to get our hands on COD!


Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 is due out in November 2012.


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