3D Whisky: Johnnie Walker Blue Label


You will no doubt have heard of a message in a bottle but perhaps not a 3D art exhibition on a bottle. This is exactly what Johnnie Walker Blue Label, has created in conjunction with Kai & Sunny and Shotopop, the UK’s most talented and upcoming artists.


The Johnnie Walker Blue Label Gallery showcases the artists’ unique interpretation of ‘The Ultimate Blend’ and pays homage to the rarity and craftsmanship synonymous with Johnnie Walker Blue Label. In a break from tradition, these remarkable artworks will not be exhibited in established art galleries but instead feature in London’s Heathrow Airport, reflecting the travel credentials of the brand.


The immersive Johnnie Walker Blue Label Gallery is a spectacle to behold and a feast for the senses. Using the latest in projection techniques, a collection of artistic endeavors will be showcased on large format Johnnie Walker Blue Label bottles that stand at almost three meters tall. The three large bottles will display bespoke, 3D holographic artworks that employ state of the art projection technology to create spectacular digital works of art for travelers to enjoy the world over.


Each holographic artwork in the Gallery brings to life a key element of both the heritage of Johnnie Walker Blue Label and the UK as explained in more detail below:


Kai & Sunny


Kai & Sunny are an artist duo based in London; they have exhibited internationally, collaborated with designers such as Alexander McQueen, and recently been acquired by the Victoria & Albert Museum print collection.


You can’t help but be inspired by the rare character of Johnnie Walker Blue Label. Rich. Lingering.Intense. Kai & Sunny’s creation blends our signature flavour with their signature line work. The result is a mesmerising animation where the simple becomes complex in an ever-changing cycle of smooth lines. A fitting tribute to a blend made of our rarest whiskies.





SHOTOPOP is a devout team of visual zealots who pride themselves on conjuring the new, the unimagined and the fantastical. In their offices, furiously snipping silver scissors give birth to a thousand paper feathers; crazy caffeine dreams turn into flashing pixel rainbows; and the most ambitious flights of fancy become our proudest moments.



Their bottle creation tells the story of the whisky making process with the rare liquid within the cask reimagined as a diamond. This analogy perfectly captures the rarity of Johnnie Walker Blue Label. And with a blend of painstakingly crafted paper sculptures and graphical illustrations, this piece perfectly showcases the multifaceted and complex nature of both gemstone and whisky.


Having launched in Singapore with great success and social media buzz, The Johnnie Walker Blue Label Gallery will be exhibited in the heart of Terminal 5 for two months before taking to the sky for its next destination.  To celebrate the opening of the gallery spaces Johnnie Walker has created 750 limited edition Johnnie Walker Blue Label bottles, etched with the London skyline in a rare gold liquid imprint. These can only be bought in Heathrow airport (all Terminals) in the World Duty Free tax & duty free stores and will be on sale between now and the end of February 2014.  With their artistic interpretation of the London skyline, they make a perfect gift, or memento of a trip to this inspiring city.


Visit www.worlddutyfreegroup.com for more information.

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