The Discerning Drinker

Are you Spiderman? Or the Hulk? What your drink of choice reveal about you.


Gents, whether you’re drinking wine or water this winter, your favourite tipple reveals a lot about you. Damian Clarkson, owner of premium events caterer The London Kitchen, says he can often tell an alter-ego by what someone is drinking at a party.


So which superhero drinker are you this festive season? Read on to find out…


The Hulk – A pint of anything


You’re very sure of yourself, and although saving the world isn’t a priority you’ll use your powers to help those who really need it. As long as people stay out of your way, there won’t be any problems. You have a tough exterior, but inside you’re all about doing good.


Tips for the Hulk: You have a Jekyll and Hyde personality. So make sure you have a good way of dealing with stress, like running. Or nuclear physics.


Wolverine – Sophisticated wines


You’re a hunter. A rebel with a good heart. You don’t play by the rules, and prefer to slip under the radar. Although your aim isn’t for fame or fortune, you embark on personal missions to help those who need your powers. And bonus points if you know the difference between a Chablis and a Chardonnay.


Tips for Wolverine: You might seem like a loner, but you have strong partnerships with people you respect and admire. Always make time for them.


Spiderman – Nice straight Cognac/Whisky


You’re known as a friendly type. Someone who can save the day with a range of skills. You might find you spend most of the time protecting those around you, but that’s ok because you’re supported by close friends.


Tips for Spiderman: You’re well-loved, but often spend a lot of time helping others. Don’t forget to take a step back and have some ‘me-time’. You’ve definitely earned it.



Batman – Strong mixer of rum & coke

Cool, calm, collected. You can’t fly and don’t have super-strength but you use your talents wisely, earning respect from family, friends and the butler (if you have one). You might have had a tough past, but you use it as your motivation to make your life better now. People can always count on you to do what’s right, even if it means you have to give something up.


Try this Batman: You love rules and focus on the end goal. And that’s great. Just make sure it doesn’t come before people you care about.



Superman – staying sober – a soft drink/Water


Superman never drinks when he’s flying. So although you might like the odd drink now and then, you take responsibility seriously. You’re known as being strong, honest and brave, using your array of talents to help people. You believe good always triumphs over evil, and you inspire all those around you. Oh, and you look good in glasses, too.


Tips for Superman: You might seem shy, but you have a certain charm that people love. Use it when you can, not many have this gift.


As fun as being Spiderman for the night might be, Damian says: “If you’re at a meal and fancy pairing food and wine, then give it a go. You might end up trying a fresh combination and discovering something new. But of course there’s nothing wrong with sticking with your tried and tested favourite.”


The London Kitchen delivers sensational food and fine wines to spice up events, for more information visit: www.thelondonkitchen.com

Sam Uppal

Sam Uppal

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