Prime Style: The Look Of A Political Leader

With the General Election fast approaching, many people – discerning gents amongst them – are weighing up the pros and cons of any prospective leader. Now, at Elysium Magazine there is a tendency to shy away from politics because, well it’s politics. But the decision made on the 7th May will leave its mark on history and a leave this country with a another five years before the next election, and potential leaders, try to capture the attention once more.


Selecting a leader is often made on the premise of what their potential agenda is and how they want to fight for all that is good and right in the UK. But how does the current political line up of men across the three leading parties match up in the style stakes? Elysium Magazine takes a closer look at who has the sartorial clout to lead. After all, leadership is not all about what is written in the political manifesto.


David Cameron: leader of the Conservative Party and current Prime Minister

Cameron’ style credentials centre around his favour for the navy suit. There’s is nothing wrong with his choice here, but it all seems monotonous. Although in politics monotony can be a good thing. The same variant of the navy suit, another tie focused on the blue spectrum – it’s his uniform. However, where Cameron excels is the fitted style he chooses – nothing extra unless its needed – and so the image he tries to portray is one of fitted authority, even when he’s getting attacked from all sides during TV debates and election rallies.

Political Style: 8/10


Edward Miliband: leader of the Labour Party

Miliband flirts between the standard suits colours of black or navy. Nothing wrong again here but Elysium Magazine can’t help but think he could dial this up if he’s looking to standout and stake his claim to be the next PM. Miliband chooses the standard fit type – there is nothing really fitted or bespoke about the way the suit hangs on this man – but it is the way to go for the best finish. If he didn’t want to shake up the colours of his suit, the alternative would be to splash a touch of colour via the pocket square, something Miliband is yet to come across in his style traits.

Political Style: 7/10


Nick Clegg: leader of the Liberal Democrat Party and current Deputy Prime Minister

Clegg has the tall frame and shoulders to work a bespoke suit really well yet he chooses not to take up this option for his style armoury. Clegg is a fan of a grey or navy suit coupled with a mainly yellow-themed tie. Nothing wrong here too here but he’s missing out on the opportunity to inject some colour and much-needed personality of his own as he looks to step out of the Cameron’s shadow and challenge for the PM hot seat.

Political Style: 7/10


Analysing the style characteristics of the three political contenders, there is a distinct theme they’ve all adopted: 1) keep things simple and 2) don’t steer away from the traditional style norm in politics. The next couple of weeks will prove crucial in how these three men try to influence the voting public and convince the majority that their manifesto is the way forward – but they’ll need to look the part if they are to have any lasting impression.

Amit Chakravarty

Amit Chakravarty

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