Lessons from 007


We know Bond is a discerning gent and Daniel Craig certain has done the character justice in Spectre. What has Elysium Magazine taken away from Great Britain’s favourite spy?




Bond is rarely disheveled, for he takes pride in the appearance that he presents. Whether it’s formal or casual, his clothing is of good quality, well pressed and tailored to fit. Ensure your appearance is as presentable – you never know who you are going to bump into.




Bond is so likable because he is a gent. To exude charm you need to interact with people effectively by knowing what makes them tick. This requires showing an interest in others, listening carefully and reflecting back that you’ve heard them, all the while observing their body language and demeanor. A good listener is a flatterer and charm is all about flattery.


Keep it simple



Bond doesn’t do complicated. Whether it’s his work, his relationships or his life in general, he aims to sort things out so that they’re simple enough without being too simple. If you don’t want long-term relationships, be open about this from the beginning — it’s unkind to leave people dangling and it’s going to complicate things too much for you if you’re not clear.




Bond knows that women are his equal and can hold their own in any situation. Treat women with respect wherever you go; this mantra is important both for forming solid and loyal relationships, but also maintaining healthy self-esteem. A man with good self-esteem doesn’t need to put down women to feel better.






Bond upgrades as often as possible, keeping abreast of all the new developments. He isn’t threatened by change but embraces it willingly, often with gusto. You will find the world a less threatening place when you’re prepared to acknowledge that life keeps changing and when you’re willing to give new things a go and bring them into your own life.





You might not be able to jet off to Monte Carlo or live it up in Rio during the carnival, but you can avail yourself of beautiful places near you. Choose places that are naturally beautiful, such as beaches, local forests, or mountains near your locale; spend time relaxing in nature with your loved ones.



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