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What can we learn from the Kardashians?


Love them or hate them, the Kardashians are the powerhouse of social media and the brand does most of the talking. There is not much of a news week without some Kardiashian headline in the papers but how did they get such a loyal following and what can the discerning gent learn from the most watched family on TV?


The Kardashians are brilliant when it comes to the art of the personal brand. They know how to get themselves exposed and straight into the spotlight to leverage their personal brands into moneymaking machines. What they do best is they stack their success. Now you can get one of the Kardashians to tweet a link to your website or endorse your brand for a meagre £30k. How did they get to a position where brands are willing to part cash for a single social media message? Elysium Magazine looks are what we can learn from the Kardashians.




It was a well-famed leak of a tape that propelled Kim Kardashian into the public eye. The well-timed release gave Kim what she needed; attention of the media. This then resulted in Kim getting the headlines, which captured the interests of people around the world. Did she wallow in shame and self pity? No she owned it.


Brand Definition


Once the social media followers flocked to like Kim’s social media pages she was aware the attention was only brought on by the release of her tape. However, she embraced the attention and ensured she branded herself as a fashion icon, a model and a trendsetter. This consistent approach across social media set the foundation of the brand.





It was clear that elevation to the A-list celebrity status could be achieved via the people. Kim knew reaching out to fans, showing she was in touch with them, would allow her to connect with them. Social media was the perfect outlet to enable her to do just that. The followers continued to grow across the social media accounts and people wanted more.


The Team


The headlines were in, the celebrity status was growing and the followers wanted more. Media had to pay attention and she was given her own show – now brining in the rest of the family meant they all had the opportunity to achieve the celebrity status. The craze for more led to a number of fashion chain stores across the USA and a number brand fashion joint ventures.



Stay relevant


The Kardashians continue to seek the headlines, celebrity weddings or divorces. Confidence is one thing the family has and it allows them to get through social media feuds and controversial photo-shoots for magazines, games and Apps and breaking the internet – the aim of remaining relevant and interesting driving the brand forward.



The Kardashian family are a powerhouse brand that continues to grow in the entertainment, fashion and social media field. There are a number of lessons here that we could take into the business world. Any other lessons from the Kardashians we have missed? Let us know on Twitter.

Sam U.

Sam U.

Sam loves all things style and grooming. He’s passionate about showcasing new technology, helping to tell the story of new businesses and entertainment for the discerning gent.