Bond: Who is next in line for 007?

As speculation mounts as to whether SPECTRE really is to be the last outing as James Bond for Daniel Craig, 47, so the rumour mill develops as to who could step into the super sleuth’s Crockett & Jones’ shoes and give his all for Queen and country. It’s an interesting topic to explore so Elysium Magazine thought it was only right to take a look at the likely candidates willing to take on the trickiest job interview going. Who has what it takes to be Bond?


Damian Lewis

An actor with familiarity of covert missions and secret operations from his time as the star of Homeland, Lewis, 44, has that part of the job-related experience ticked off. An actor with presence and skill to his craft, Lewis would bring subtle class to the role of James Bond and it would be an interesting vision to see the type of character he would apply to the role, just as Craig gave off the persona of a much raw and rough 007.


Idris Elba

The talent Elba, 43, has within his cheeky London swagger has been developing ever since wowing us on the small screen with The Wire and Luther. Elba represents a new breed of actor, or rather entertainer, turning his hand to music, fashion and much more with polished results. Elba tries to talk it down but the possibility of the first black Bond is a very real thing. Anyway, such a question really isn’t an issue given the cosmopolitan world we live in today, and anyway, America elected Barack Obama so why wouldn’t Elba get the nod to bring his swagger to Bond?


Tom Hardy

Hardy, 38, has made playing complex screen characters his forte – films such as Bronson and the recent portrayal of the Cray Twins in Legend just two examples amongst many. Hardy would be a very interesting choice given the complexities of Bond’s character – a flawed man, often with tunnel vision on how he wants to get things done. But those traits mean he always gets the job done. Hardy’s brooding, often self-immersive style would lead to a very believable Bond.


Michael Fassbender

The push for Fassbender, 38, has been growing steadily for the German-Irish actor following a string of blockbuster movies and reputation for making a part his own. The talented Fassbender hasn’t done much of his own accord to fan the flames but as his star continues to rise, so does the support to see him take the role should Craig step down.


Henry Cavill

Can an existing superhero become another? That’s the biggest question mark around Cavill’s, 32, potential to be the next Bond. An acting CV with numerous blockbusters, the current Superman has the suaveness and the acting credentials to pull off the switch with aplomb. This move may have come too early for Cavill if Craig were to hang up his ‘License to Kill’ after Spectre. However with the next Bond surely to be given a few movies and grow into the role, much like Craig has, then perhaps waiting for the next 007 refresh is too long to wait for Cavill.


The one certainty for the Bond talent acquisition team is that there is a healthy pool of potential discerning gent Bonds available should Craig decide not to continue in the role after Spectre. The shortlist above demonstrates that each would bring their own magic to the silver screen as the world’s most famous spy. Who would get your vote, tell the Elysium Magazine team with a tweet

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