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Billion Dollar Babe$

‘Each woman has made her mark in history’


A study in totty by Paolo Shaoul


“God knows what he’d be worth today”. We’ve all heard it before. Today’s overpriced donkeys being compared to a genius of yesteryear. But if we can do that with footballers, then why not with beautiful and talented women too?


Scour the shelves or google the online media space and you will find hundreds of identikit models, page 3 wannabes, soap stars, virtual reality cast offs and yes, sometimes even a babe with a real talent.


And that’s the problem – where have all the billion dollar babes gone? The beautiful, cover page adorning mega stars, as famous for what they did with their clothes on as they were with them scattered in a photography studio.


Sure we have Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox but is our appreciation of such beauty elevated to even greater heights by their volcanic charisma erupting all over the page?


Put in simpler terms if Megan Fox is valued today at $125m what would Marilyn Monroe or Brigitte Bardot go for in today’s “vastly inflated transfer market”? And we also ask these important questions: what year and age did these babes find their greatest form or in other words…when was their Maradona 1986?


Today Elysium Magazine tells you the answer in its top 10 billion dollar babes chart. Oh…and that all important equation:


Looks + talent x charisma + historic value x personality = $$$$


10. Marilyn Monroe

Year: 1955

Age in Best Form: 29

Position: Actress & Political Pawn

Key Attributes | Skills:

  • Voice of silk
  • Humungous sex appeal
  • Invented the ‘dumb’ blond

Most Memorable Moment: that flying dress

2013 Transfer Value: $195m


9. Sade

Year: 1984

Age in Best Form: 25

Position: Singer

Key Physical Attributes | Skills:

  • Alongside Iman & Bianca Jagger, invented ‘exotic’
  • Talent of a genius, voice of an angel
  • Cover girl looks

Most Memorable Moment: “Diamond Life” album cover

2013 Transfer Value: $198m


8. Brigitte Bardot

Year: 1956

Age in Best Form: 22

Position: Actress

Key Physical Attributes | Skills:

  • With a mother named Anne-Marie ‘Toty’ Mucel beauty was in her blood
  • Invented the “sex kitten”
  • Renowned animal activist which raises her value even higher

Most Memorable Moment: “And God Created Woman”

2013 Transfer Value: $225m


7. Ursula Andress

Year: 1962

Age in Best Form: 26

Position: Actress

Key Physical Attributes | Skills:

  • No-one wears a bikini quite like Ursula
  • Master of “vulnerable but tough”
  • The second most reproduced female image in modern history

Most Memorable Moment: Won’t bother to insult your intelligence

2013 Transfer Value: $255m


6. Ingrid Bergman

Year: 1942

Age in Best Form: 27

Position: Actress

Key Physical Attributes | Skills:

  • The Godmother of “Class”
  • Cary Grant’s No.1 lead actress – need we say more?
  • Scandinavian heritage

Most Memorable Moment: All of ‘Casablanca’ & ‘Notorious’

2013 Transfer Value: $257m


5. Audrey Hepburn

Year: 1961

Age in Best Form: 32

Position: Actress

Key Physical Attributes | Skills:

  • Defines ‘vogue’
  • Has more style in her cigarette holder than today’s entire collection of muses
  • Made jewellery brand Tiffany a household name. It’s now the favourite of love struck girlies everywhere

Most Memorable Moment: Her staggering performance in “My Fair Lady”

2013 Transfer Value: $325m


4. Elizabeth Taylor

Year: 1961

Age in Best Form: 32

Position: Actress

Key Physical Attributes | Skills:

  • “Liz Taylor” – THE quintessential movie star’s name
  • With her beau Burton, she invented the hell-raising couple. Liam Gallagher, please take note.
  • The greatest eyes in Hollywood history

Most Memorable Moment: “National Velvet” & “Lassie Come Home” – the girl the animals loved

2013 Transfer Value: $330m


3. Senta Berger

Year: 1966

Age in Best Form: 25

Position: Actress

Key Physical Attributes | Skills:

  • Most beautiful actress of all time
  • Regarded by critics as one of the greatest actresses of the post-war period
  • Hugely charismatic

Most Memorable Moment: Every film she appeared in

2013 Transfer Value: $400m


2. Diana Princess of Wales

Year: 1981

Age in Best Form: 19

Position: Royal Princess

Key Physical Attributes | Skills:

  • God’s angel on earth
  • Most famous woman in history
  • They retired the ‘English Rose’ shirt when she left us

Most Memorable Moment: Her whole life

2013 Transfer Value: $1,500m


1. HM Queen Elizabeth II

Year: 1952

Age in Best Form: 2013

Position: Queen

Key Physical Attributes | Skills:

  • World’s greatest ever monarch – the ‘Fergie’ of royalty
  • In her day, the most beautiful and elegant head of state the United Kingdom has ever had
  • Has outlasted 178 Presidents and 94 Prime Ministers

Most Memorable Moment: Coronation – Diamond Jubilee

2013 Transfer Value: PRICELESS



1. Jackie Kennedy

2. Judy Garland

3. Princess Grace

4. Debbie Harry

5. Diana Ross (that penalty miss at the World Cup USA ’94 cost her a place in the top 10)


The judging was a very close call but if you think we’ve missed another women of equal beauty and elegance then tweet us your thoughts!

Amit Chakravarty

Amit Chakravarty

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