His & Hers Turkish Delight


Not content with the gentleman’s tune up getting mind and body ready for the party season, the discerning gent also considers the well-being of the lady in his life with utmost importance. This also has something to do with the fact he cannot getaway with booking a spa treatment and not indulging his lady too. With this in mind, Elysium thought to continue it’s look at restful spas and find a treatment where both of you can enjoyed the pampered life, and don his and her’s gowns in loved up bliss.


One such urban retreat is Ajala Spa located at The Grange Hotel in St Paul’s, London. The treatment is called the Hammam Ritual, a detoxing and relaxing treatment inspired by Turkish tradition that’s designed perfectly for the purposes Elysium was looking for. The treatment gets under way from the point you both arrive. So leave your troubles at the door.


Once settled snugly into your gowns you’re guided to the treatment room located by the pool and steam/sauna rooms. The treatment room itself is a big steam room where you both lay on a flat stone bed together. Before your mind races away, swimwear is mandatory during treatment so don’t go getting any amorous ideas. You both have a masseuse each – one either side of the stone bed to work away at your stressed body.


Let The Ritual Commence

The ritual begins by cleansing the skin using authentic black olive soap. This helps remove impurities and feels a little like luxurious jelly. Once your bodies have been well coated and massaged you’re both left in the steam room for 15mins to ‘cook’ away, but more importantly open up your pores to aid the detox process. The temperature is a hot but comfortable heat that immediately triggers the body to relax. With the steam session over, you’re guided to the shower to wash off the jelly-like soap. Phase two, involves the use of a kese (a rough massaging mitt) and a Hammam scrub. These are all used to further cleanse the skin but also relax you further. The kese can be a touch ticklish for those with low tickle-factor, but the gentle scratching sensation is enjoyable on the whole. Once you’re covered head-to-toe you’re again allowed to steam away. This helps the skin get back its natural glow.



It’s a fairly intimate experience and something your partner will enjoy with you by her side. It’s very soothing and the whole world seems to slow down during your treatment. The aromas of the soaps and scrubs add to the feel-good factor too.


Habitual Harmony

After another shower to wash off the scrub, its time for the third and final part of the ritual. This time a mineral rich mud is applied all over the body, acting like a mask. The point here is draw out impurities, soothe the skin and deliver an all over polished look. Left on during the final steam session, the skin already feels noticeably softer while the mind is in a very calm state. To finish the treatment you both shower off and rest up in the chill out room to rehydrate with water, while nibbles are provided if either of you is feels in need of a snack.


Overall the treatment and whole experience proved to be a highly relaxing and rejuvenating session. Being able to share the experience with your partner adds to the sense of well-being too – a synchronised recalibration of the body and mind you could say. The deep purifying and cleansing of the body adds certain radiance to the lady, while you don’t come off looking too bad either.


Ajala Spa also has a great swimming pool, and a plethora of treatments available so there is scope for your partner to bolt on a couple of extras (e.g. Facial, manicure etc.) while you try to beat your personal best with a few lengths of the pool. If you’re thinking about a spa-themed Christmas gift treat then going for the Hammam Ritual is something that could be self rewarding, should she also book you into the treatment too – as expected. However, Elysium is in no way responsible if she decides to take her best friend instead…


The Details

Ajala Spa St Paul’s

1 New Bell Yard off Carter Lane



Tel: 0207 074 1010


Hammam Ritual: 75mins – £110 for two people

Amit Chakravarty

Amit Chakravarty

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