Elysium Magazine is the online luxury men’s lifestyle title designed and compiled for the discerning gent. In an age where there are numerous elements striving for the interest of the modern man Elysium Magazine separates the great from the ordinary, delivering content that will enrich his life.

By definition, Elysium is a place of ideal happiness. Greek mythology talks of Elysium as the place every man wanted to arrive at once he had lived his life, where all his dreams were realised. Why wait until you’re dead though? A man should live the life he wants to live and enjoy everything that is important to him. The aim for Elysium Magazine is to bring all that is good and great in this world to his attention now.

With a team of witty and opinionated writers on a permanent quest to discover only the very best in technology & gadgets, entertainment, style, travel, food & drink, business & career, fitness, sports and inspiration features – we look to cover off all the elements of influence and interest for today’s discerning gent.

We’ll leave you with a quote which resonates well with Elysium Magazine:


“The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering” – Bruce Lee