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Indestructible To The Very Last Drop – The Flask

Posted in Desire, Eating & Drinking, Style on 1 March 2013 • Read More...

Elysium Magazine takes a look at ‘The Flask’ from The Macallum and Oakley – an indestructible hip flask that looks as stylish as a Bond gadget and could soon be in the pocket of the discerning gent and whisky aficionado.

For Your Drinks Cabinet: Whyte and Mackay Supreme

Posted in Desire, Eating & Drinking on 25 January 2013 • Read More...

To celebrate Burns Night enjoy some of the finest Scotch whisky, whilst adding refined taste to your drinks cabinet with Whyte and Mackay Supreme 22 year old.

For Your Drinks Cabinet: Suntory Yamazaki

Posted in Desire, Eating & Drinking on 9 November 2012 • Read More...

This week we are going to talk to you about whisky. Japanese whisky in fact. Elysium Magazine introduces you to Suntory Yamazaki 12 year old malt whisky to your drinks cabinet.

For Your Drinks Cabinet: Highland Park Thor

Posted in Desire, Eating & Drinking on 17 August 2012 • Read More...

Rarely does a name instil you with power and bravery but at Elysium Towers this week we discovered a spirit that could have been sent from the gods themselves. Elysium introduces you to Highland Park’s Thor whisky.

For Your Drinks Cabinet: Drambuie 15 Year Old

Posted in Desire, Eating & Drinking on 16 March 2012 • Read More...

For your drinking persuasion this week, and taking a deserved spot in that burgeoning cabinet of yours, we’d like to introduce you to Drambuie 15 year old.

For Your Drinks Cabinet – Glenmorangie Whisky

Posted in Desire, Eating & Drinking on 25 January 2012 • Read More...

At Elysium Magazine we’re down with tradition, so if there’s an age-old celebration to be had, we aren’t going to say no. So with the 25th January marking the merriment of Burns Night in Scotland, we thought what better way to toast the evening than with premium scotch whiskies from Glenmorangie.

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