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Do you tweet Mr. Bond?

Posted in Aspire, Entertainment, Tech & Gadgets on 17 October 2012 • Read More...

The world’s favourite secret agent 007 is back on the big screen next week. Seeing that most of the world has embraced social networking, Elysium Magazine asks the question: “Do you tweet Mr. Bond?”

The iPad Mini: Steve Jobs knew it was next

Posted in Desire, Tech & Gadgets on 8 August 2012 • Read More...

Steve Jobs was never against the idea of a iPad Mini – does this mean we will see one launched later this year? Read on to find out how we discovered Steve Jobs gave it the thumbs up and what we can expect from the iPad.

3D – The Olympic and Sports Enhancer

Posted in Achieve, Aspire, Sports on 24 July 2012 • Read More...

The margin between the great and the greatest is a very fine line. Ahead of London 2012, Elysium Magazine examines how Olympic athletes are turning to advanced 3D science for better performances. Nick Lerner talks us through the technology they use.

What is underneath the Surface?

Posted in Desire, Tech & Gadgets on 4 July 2012 • Read More...

Microsoft announced the Surface and Elysium Magazine was impressed. The Padlet (PC – tablet) looks fantastic and received a positive reaction from the “early adopters”. Elysium Magazine looks at the Surface to establish whether or not this is the future of mobile computing. Lets start with the basics….

The All New iPad

Posted in Desire, Tech & Gadgets on 9 March 2012 • Read More...

The all new iPad for 2012 is here! Elysium Magazine provides its opinion on what went down at the iPad event on 7 March 2012 and highlights the brand new features on the iPad. Worth the wait? Read on to find out.

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