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The Office Party Survival Guide

Posted in Desire, Entertainment on 13 December 2012 • Read More...

Experts claim exactly 10 party ‘characters’ are present at every single staff party regardless of where it is, which industry or trade throws the bash or how many people attend. Read on to determine which characters you should avoid!

The Discerning Gent’s Christmas Gift Guide

Posted in Desire on 3 December 2012 •

We’re into December and everyone is feeling festive. Of course this also means it’s gift buying season and if you don’t know where to look it can be a minefield. Luckily Elysium Magazine is on hand to bring you the best in our Christmas gift guide.

Nintendo Wii U

Posted in Desire, Tech & Gadgets on 30 November 2012 • Read More...

The Nintendo Wii U is released today – is the next generation console a worthy purchase this Christmas? Find out in the Elysium Magazine review.

Elysium’s Mini Tablet Guide For Christmas

Posted in Desire, Tech & Gadgets on 21 November 2012 • Read More...

This Christmas it’s all about the mini tablet. That svelte sheet of gadgetry perfection that’ll be entertaining you over the festive period and well beyond. It’s crucial to pick the best tab for your needs. Luckily Elysium is on hand to assist the discerning gent’s choice.

Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

Posted in Desire, Style on 20 December 2011 • Read More...

So it’s just days until Christmas and you’re stuck for gift ideas. You knew this day would come, yet you’ve waited until this moment to have a to have a full blown freak out and scream in your head…”WHAT AM I GOING TO BUY HER FOR CHRISTMAS?”

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