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BRIT Awards Debrief: Best Dressed Men

Posted in Desire, Style on 21 February 2013 • Read More...

Elysium Magazine looks at the style winners from the BRIT Awards 2013. Here’s our pick of the discerning gents who get a tip of the hat for great sartorial decisions.


Posted in Desire, Entertainment on 18 February 2013 • Read More...

The most anticipated movie of the decade is set to land on the big screen in summer 2013. Elysium.

Django Unchained

Posted in Desire, Entertainment on 14 January 2013 • Read More...

Quentin Tarantino is back with another delight for us on the big screen – Django Unchained. Elysium Magazine are fans of Tarantino’s previous creations but what can we expect from his latest instalment Read on to find out.

The Elysium Men Of The Year 2012 – The Discerning Gents

Posted in Achieve, Aspire on 1 January 2013 • Read More...

Elysium Magazine has picked out five men who have pushed themselves the hardest to achieve their goals and realise their potential. Here we present you with Elysium’s Men of the Year 2012 – The Discerning Gents.

Star Trek Into Darkness

Posted in Desire, Entertainment on 10 December 2012 • Read More...

Director JJ Abrams (Lost and Star Trek) is returning for the sci-fi sequel,Star Trek Into Darkness and given the success of the 2009 classic, it looks like we are in for a treat next summer!

Man of Steel

Posted in Desire, Entertainment on 23 July 2012 • Read More...

The Man of Steel is making a comeback to the big screen. With the team that brought you 300 and The Dark Knight Rises, Elysium Magazine knows you are going to be in for a treat!

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