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Wined & Dined: Yauatcha City

There is something special going on over at the square mile this summer. The once tired city worker hotspot, Broadgate Circle, has been reinvigorated with an influx of artesian eateries and watering holes. Amongst the new neighbours is Yauatcha City, opening its doors this summer in a vast section of the Broadgate horseshoe.


The Soho-based original, founded by Alan Yau in 2004, has been feeding the ravenous appetites of central London for more than a decade, receiving a Michelin star in the process. Dim sum is the name of the game at Yautacha – traditional Chinese Cantonese cuisine in bite-sized small dishes similar in style/format to Spanish tapas but served steamed. It’s a very social experience and this is what Yautacha City hopes to capture as it moves into the realms of the suited and booted business army. Elysium Magazine heads to the city to find out if the discerning gent should have his chopsticks at the ready.


The Look, The Feel

Broadgate Circle is very much the magnetic core than many a city worker is drawn to. Close to Liverpool Street station and all the business office blocks that surround it, this is the city boy playground that many return to daily to refuel. Given the regular footfall, this was a prime spot for a gourmet refresh.


Yauatcha City is one of a number of new venues and is one of the biggest – occupying a full semi-circle section of the location. Inside the slick styling of Yauatcha Soho is continued. This is a much bigger venue to the Soho restaurant yet it is split into different zones to manage the spacious surroundings. The traditional restaurant area, private dining, bar and onsite patisserie give Yauatcha City a varied feel to things.



Choose a spot by the windows to people watch as you dine – comfortable seating for couples, larger groups and the private area mean the venue has scope for any eventuality you have – dates, team/client entertaining or more exclusive affairs.


The cocktails at Yauatcha City are very good – it’s highly recommended that you slightly delay the onset of your meal to savour the refreshing tastes of the cocktail menu. Starting at £11.00 each – there is an exotic flavour to catch any discerning drinker’s attention.



Once drinks were in full flow it was time to get the food going. Given it’s dim sum – small plates of steamed, grilled or fried morsels – the form is to select a range of varied options. On this particular occasion it was the venison puff (£5.20), crispy duck roll (£7.50), striploin beef with enoki mushroom cheung fun (£9.80) and lobster roll (£9.80) on the agenda. All were very good – fresh tasting mouthfuls to ponder in delight with each chew. However, the vension puff has to be called out for a special mention with its melt-in-the-mouth consistency and a rich meaty flavour cut through with buttery taste. Simply divine.


Main Event

The starters could have gone on and on – the menu is diverse enough and there is nothing stopping the discerning gent from re-ordering another set of his favourite dim sum. In fact, for many social occasions, sharing multiple plates/baskets of dim sum over tea (traditionally) or champagne (for fun) is the only way to go. For those diners that need the routine of starters followed by mains, Yauatcha City has this covered with a number of dishes fit for the purpose.



Lined up for Elysium Magazine then was the stir-fry scallop with lotus root (£19.90), the Wagyu beef bun with salted cabbage (£26.00) along with the side of egg fried rise with long bean (£9.20). The scallop dish was teeming with big juicy scallops – perfectly cooked to remain a delicate and delicious taste. The Wagyu beef was expertly cooked to ensure tenderness and worked very well when combined with the interactive nature of assembling your own steamed bun with the beef and cabbage before munching down. Going back to that melt-in-the-mouth feeling from the starters, this is what exquisite cuisine is all about. Paired with a good wine amongst the vibrancy of the restaurant – the discerning gent can do no wrong.


If you have space after the rounds of dim sum and delicious mains then a venture into the dessert menu is highly recommended. Any venue with an onsite patisserie of the calibre of Yauatcha City means business on the sweet toothed front – choose from a range of exotically named creations to quell those sugar cravings.



Yauatcha City is clearly plugging in to the city trend right now for good food in slick surroundings. An accessible venue only gets you so far, so the clever part from Yauatcha City is bringing the vibe from Soho over to the city but turning the notch up in decor to compliment the high standard of food on offer.  Whether you’re a city worker or not, an experience at Yauatcha City is highly recommended.



Food: 5/5

Ambience: 4.5/5

Venue: 4.5/5


Style: Chinese / Dim Sum


Contact: Yauatcha City, Broadgate Circle, London, EC2M 2QS – T: (0)2038 179 888

Yauatcha City

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