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The Right Kind Of January Blues: The Best Blue Seas

January is a tough month – there is no getting away from it… and today – Monday 15th January – is officially known as Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year. However, the discerning gent is not for negativity so do yourself a favour and book a holiday to shores that offer the right kind of January blues.


Why? Because when the lack of sunlight is seriously affecting your vitamin D levels, a holiday in the sun-drenched lands of abroad is exactly what the good doctor prescribes – and that’s exactly what we here at Elysium Magazine recommends for the discerning gent.


Where in the world could the discerning gent head off too? There are three key principles at play here: 1) plenty of sun, 2) high temperatures and 3) it needs to have a gorgeous beach or bay with seawater the tone of blue that allures and draws you closer and closer. As we have distilled your holiday requirements down to three requirements, let us look at the potential destination not by name, distance away or temperature. Let us look at you next holiday by the tone of blue the sea has to offer. We are talking brilliant navy blues to the lightest turquoise hues.


Zakynthos, Greece

You’d be forgiven for thinking this must be miles away or certainly not in Europe! When looking at this picture. This my friend, is Zakynthos in Greece and only a few hours in flight separate you from this vista. Named the Fiore di Levante (Flower of the East) by the Venetians, this southernmost Ionian island boasts endless white sand beaches that expand into blue seas that span the shades and impress in Greek God-like fashion.

Sea Pantone: 2172C


Con Son, Vietnam

Picture this vista – granite cliffs, crystalline turquoise seas and a sparsely populated island offering unspoilt beaches with soft golden sands. This is Con Son, part of the 16-island archipelago located 110 miles off Vietnam’s southeastern coast.

Sea Pantone: 2198U


Devil’s Bay, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Put in the effort, get the reward. That’s the mantra to take if this is the vista for you at Devil’s Bay on Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands. After flights, boats and serious transit you’ll arrive on the tiny island offering a white sandy beach that meets the clear turquoise Caribbean seas where you can put your feet up for a well earned rest and plentiful strong rum cocktails.

Sea Pantone: 2199U


Ambergris Caye, Belize

If scuba diving is your thing and crystal clear waters are the pre-requisite for your real life Blue Planet experiences, why not head to the largest barrier reef outside of Australia – Belize’s Ambergris Caye. A scuba and snorkeler nirvana, these emerald-blue seas offer so much – from sharks and rays at Shark Ray Alley (why call it anything else?) to eels, turtles and fish the colours of a million rainbows at Hol Chan Reserve. For those not claustrophobic, there are even underwater caves at Blue Hole that require you exploration. Rest up on the blue feeling the glow of the hot sun bounce off the super clear waters.

Sea Pantone: 2191C


The Maldives

With a reputation as one of the best islands the discerning gent – or anyone – can ever visit, the Maldives delivers repeatedly. Situated between the Indian and Arabian seas and dotted with luxury bungalows and hotel resorts, it is the epitome of holiday luxe. White powder sandy beaches roll out into astonishingly dazzling blue waters that work through the entire spectrum of blue hues as the waters deepen. Indulge in seafood, recharge in spas and explore numerous coral reefs.

Sea Pantone: 3115U to P115-14C

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