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5 Fitness Apps For The Discerning Gent

By Zoe Allen (found tweeting here)


With the introduction of thousands of health and fitness apps, mobile devices, particularly smartphones, are starting to play an important role in helping users live a healthier lifestyle. We’ve already seen how Nike+ Running can benefit the discerning gent, but there’s more that your trusty digital companion can do to help you stay fit.


Take a look at the best fitness apps available specifically designed to keep you in top shape both physically and psychologically.


Aim: Strength and Fitness

Use: FitnessBuilder for Android and iOS


Benefits: It has more than 800 workout routines programmed that fits every kind of exercise regime.


Why you need it: It doesn’t limit you to the pre-programmed routines, as it gives you the flexibility to build your own program. Included in the customizable settings is the option to set your goals on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


Price: Free but access to its premium features cost £6.49 ($9.99) per month



Aim: Intervals and Circuit Training

Use: Sworkit for Android and iOS


Benefits: The app allows you to create a personalized circuit training routine that you can perform even in the comfort of your own home. It even allows you to set the amount of time you need to exercise as well as minutes for breaks and transitions.


Why you need it: It has random sets of workout routines which can ensure a challenge every single time you use the app.


Price: Free or £0.65 ($0.99) for Pro version



Aim: Goal-Setting and Mind Exercise

Use: Everest for iOS


Benefits: Apart from the physical well-being, the brain also needs to be healthy in order to function effectively daily. What the Everest app offers is a list of your achievements as well as possible goals in the future. You can enrich your mind by setting a realistic objective such as losing 2 pounds in a week, increase your reps or lifting a heavier weight.


Why you need it: Reaching your goals can be a difficult task, but with continuous effort and reminders, you can easily achieve targets one step at a time.


Price: Free



Aim: Food and Nutrition

Use: Fooducate for Android and iOS


Benefits: The barcode scanner helps you sort through the confusing nutritional facts on each food label. From there, you can count your calorie intake and create a list of healthy food choices.


Why you need it: The information presented by the app is simple and easy to understand even by people who are not familiar with nutritional terms.


Price: Free



Aim: Relaxation and Meditation

Use: Gratitude Journal for iOS


Benefits: After strenuous physical exercises, it’s time to relax and calm down your senses. The Gratitude Journal gives you a space to write down all the things that you are grateful for each day. With its list of words of wisdom, it will help you see things in a more positive light.


Why you need it: It all comes down to how your mind can carry all the physical stress. In order to have a balance life, one must be fit in body and in mind.


Price: £0.65 ($0.99)

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