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Review: Insignia Grand Sport



Elysium Magazine was lucky enough to test the new Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport. Keen to ensure the discerning gent’s luxury requirements were met, we set off with high expectations.


The Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport is the replacement for the classic Insignia. However, what was immediately apparent was the size difference, the Insignia Grand Sport is large – the spacious feel really does add an element of luxury; large dashboard with holographic screen display on the windscreen and a beautiful media center. The Insignia Grand Sport even has its own built in wifi. Our initial impression… we were impressed; this is a car designed for comfort.


We loved the Insignia Grand Sport look, the interior design was well received but what about the drive? Given the size and name we were expecting a sporty, loud, beast of a machine – what we actually got was a comfort focused drive. Not even speed bumps could disrupt our drive from London to New Forest. There is beauty in this; the pure luxury driven approach works. A far cry from the original Insignia with the loud, bumpy feel.




However, it wouldn’t be fair to mention the Insignia Grand Sport without highlighting the sports mode; when you want to enjoy something other than the comfort the car has to offer. The sports mode brings another dimension to the car; a closer feel to the road, a faster and dynamic drive which brings an element of fun to the car. A real treat for the discerning gent when it’s needed.




Overall the Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport is a beautiful looking car with luxury stamped all over it. A real joy to drive which provides comfort for the family with plenty of space and the ability to take it into sports mode. Prices for the Insignia Grand Sport start at £17,115, and rise to £26,455 for the 255bhp 2.0-litre petrol with all-wheel drive.


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