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For Your Drinks Cabinet – elit by Stolichnaya

Elysium Magazine has always been partial to premium vodka – there’s something about the crisp clean taste that guarantees a good tipple. So imagine our delight when introduced to elit by Stolichnaya. On first view the bottles’ über cool design wouldn’t look out of place in the discerning man’s drinks cabinet. However we’re not all about style over substance here at Elysium, so it had to deliver on taste too…


Rest assured we weren’t disappointed as the velvety clean spirit tasted pure and crisp – just the way we like it. We’re told that the vodka goes through a ‘freeze-filtration’ process to increase it’s density and even out any impurities – this must be the science bit kicking in, but it seems to have done the trick.


elit by Stolichnaya is available from The Wine Shop at Harrods and, RRP £65 for 70cl.


One of the best ways to enjoy this vodka is in a cocktail, so we’d highly recommend the elit Hollywoood as the one to go for this weekend. Either craft it up yourself if the man in you is feeling adventurous, or instruct your trusty bartender to easily shake a couple up.









elit Hollywood





  • 50ml elit by Stolichnaya
  • 25ml black raspberry liqueur
  • Top with pineapple juice



  1. Pour the elit Stolichnaya and black raspberry liquer into a shaker and fill with ice
  2. Shake and strain into a chilled martini glass
  3. Top with pineapple juice and garnish with a lemon twist
  4. Enjoy!

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