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For Your Drinks Cabinet: Absolut Originality

Every time Elysium Magazine makes a recommendation for the famed drinks cabinet it’s normally always down to the merits of the tipple rather than any fancy vessel that contains it. However sometimes it’s good to suggest drinks where the quality of the tipple is matched by the creativity of the bottle. This week is one of those weeks as we introduce to the discerning gent’s drink cabinet Absolut Originality.


What so special about it you may ask? Well the beauty of this bottle from Absolut is the sheer uniqueness of the glass vessel. Of the four million bottles produced, not one of them is the same, a one-of-a-kind work of art you could say. By adding a drop of cobalt blue to the molten glass during production produces a bespoke pattern that only that particular bottle has, no two are the same.


The technique only takes a millisecond to release the drop of cobalt just as the molten glass goes into the mould at 1600°C. At such scorching temperatures the cobalt is invisible but as the glass cools the blue infusion appears like the finale of a magic trick.


As for the vodka, it’s the smooth clean tipple with notes of liquorice that you’d expect from the characteristic Absolut Blue, but the bottle is definitely the show-stopper here. More of an art piece addition to the discerning gent’s collection and an interesting taking point too.


Those of you out and about should also probably know that Absolut have created a moustached-themed cocktail ahead of next month’s Movember campaign to raise awareness of men’s health issues. The Pistachio Moustachio is frothy mix of vodka, coffee, milk and ice cream available from the Merkaba Bar at MyHotel Brighton – 50p from every cocktail sold will go to the Movember charity.


Absolut Originality is 40% ABV and available in 70cl bottles from most major retailers, RRP £18.35


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