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Mad Men: the final season


Here it finally is, the final few episodes of Don Draper on our small screen in Mad Men. Will we get a decent send off for the most troubled man on TV? We haven’t got long to see what happens but lets look forward to what the final part of season 7 has in store for Don and his merry friends.


In the early moments of Mad Men’s final season Don Draper says ”Show me how you feel. Look at yourself. Do you like what you see?”


It’s clear that these are the questions Don has carried with him all the way from 2007 when he first hit our screen. It will be these same questions that that us through the next few episodes.



As you’ll recall, last season ended with Bert Cooper passing away and appearing to Don as he soft-shoed, singing that the best things in life are free, just after Roger brilliantly made everyone a shitload of money as he ousted Jim Cutler and merged the agency with McCann-Erickson.


What happens next is pretty much more of the same – and that’s a very good thing. More intriguing ad campaigns, more soul-searching, more questionable decisions, more Mad Men.


The season opener contains plenty of throwbacks to earlier storylines to remind viewers who know the history of the show of its brilliant use of subtlety and subtext. This is nothing new for this series and it’s what makes it so utterly charming to watch – that dynamic use of characterisation mixed with emotion and bravado. The first episode certainly had us gleaning for more.



At the center of the show has always been Don’s quest, something that’s always been ambiguous, even to Don himself, and there’s no change in season 7. He seems completely in control and in charge in the workplace, but once outside the walls of the agency he flounders, moving toward one thing after another that he thinks will satisfy some indefinable need in his life, only to discover that there is nothing else to fill the emptiness.


We are keen to see how this series will end and what will become of Don Draper. Whatever happens, one thing is for sure, Mad Men will be missed.


The final season of Mad Men will be available in the UK on Sky Atlantic on 9 April.


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