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Discerning Gent App Review: Nike+ Running

Product: Nike+ Running


  • Device(s) this app available on: iPhone, iPad Touch, iPad


  • Price: Free


  • Straightforward user interface and easy to use: Yes


  • Easy to set up: Yes


App Summary

The Nike+ running app is simply about monitoring, tracking and maintaining your running activity. The app uses the GPS and accelerometer on the smartphone to track and monitor running activity. With the help of the phones accelerometer and GPS, the app can record the distance travelled as well as the pace and time. The app allows its users to choose if they are running indoors or outdoors. Users can sign in either by registering with Nike or using a Facebook account to log in. This allows user to view their data on a web browser anytime/anywhere in the world. After use, the run summary option gives all the information about the route taken, the type of trail and the weather condition.


The Good

The audio feedback feature on the app is quite impressive; this feature keeps user updated about their progress as they run so they don’t need to constantly look at the screen to check their progress. The social feature on the app is also appealing; it allows in-ear cheering from friends and you can also tag friends you trained/ran with and share a map of your route with them. The option to add music has been popular with users – it allows the user to add their own music called Powermusic and also create a music playlist.


The Bad

This app doesn’t support other sport activities. For example if the user is walking, it thinks user is running too slow. Nike could also have added features such a pulse rate monitor and heart rate monitor to make the app more complete. Finally, without a GPS- enabled smartphone/device, the app is inoperable.



For a free app, it does a good job. For fitness professionals after running apps that are more sophisticated, with heart monitor rate/pulse monitor rate, this might be too basic. However, for someone who just wants a basic running/fitness app, this is perfect.


Score: 8/10


Reviewed by Michael Banks, from Corporate Group using the app on an iPhone 5.


Link to download the app: Here

Link to app set up instructions: Here

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