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Cornerstone – the future of grooming?


Cornerstone has launched with much press and a loyal fan base keen to use social media to showcase the benefits of a shaving subscription service. The discerning gent expects only the best, in the world of instant delivery and on demand viewing surely this is the next step. Elysium reviews the next shaving revolution.


Cornerstone seeks to ensure an easy, flexible service to ensure you receive a personalized razor, shaving gel and post shaving balm via post. You have the ability to tailor your plan based on shaving frequency and product. The razor itself is a beautifully designed, heavy piece of metal – which is persoanlised to you. Engraving adds a great touch for the discerning gent.


We put the products to the test – the blades were actually very good. They are German engineered and are easy to slide into the razor. The face scrub and shave gel are great value. The products in the premium category should take note – at a mere £6 each we would purchase these alone – it would be great if there was a travel sized option for the quick and easy weekender.



One thing we would also recommend is the wash bag – leather and perfect to showcase the Cornerstone products. All products fit within it nicely and it has a smaller size to ensure you are organised. It’s also a distinctive tan/buffalo colour giving it a great look.


Overall the Cornerstone subscription service is a pure winner, the products are great value and having used it for a couple of months it is certainly the future of men’s’ grooming. It is also worth checking out the Cornerstone blog, which has some great grooming tips and living well ideas.


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