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Christmas Cocktails For The Discerning Drinker

So it’s the start of December and the discerning gent knows exactly what’s ahead of him during the next three weeks…Christmas party season. It’s the time of year where office parties, client entertainment and glitzy awards are the evening’s entertainment. Alongside these you’ll also have multiple calendar invites for catching up over drinks and merriment. With all this to look forward to, there’s no need to taint the experience and lessen the quality of the tipple consumed.


For the discerning drinker poorly mixed cocktails certainly won’t do. Standards have been set and just because it’s the season of good will, it doesn’t mean cocktail choices need to tapered down or limited to the usual suspects. That’s why Elysium Magazine sought out the man in the know when it comes to cocktails and mixology – Salvatore ¬†Calabrese of Salvatore’s bar at the Playboy Club London to recommend the cocktails of choice for the party season.


With over 30 years in the drinks business, Salvatore’s experience has earned him the title ‘The Maestro’ within the industry for his talent of combining flavours. So when Elysium Magazine needed a few cocktail recommendations for the discerning drinker during party season, it had to be him.


Speaking to Elysium Magazine about his creations, Salvatore said “As you might be able to tell by the names Blizzard and Avalanche etc. I have taken my inspiration from Bing Crosby’s song “White Christmas”. That song sums up Christmas to me and our Rat Pack will be playing all the classic Christmas songs from Bing and Frank Sinatra over Christmas at Salvatore’s Bar, Playboy Club London. As you can guess, I am dreaming of a white Christmas and I hope my guests will be too, as they enjoy this special range of cocktails.”


Salvatore Calabrese – Christmas Party Cocktails




60ml Gin

20ml Yellow Chartreuse

Dash of bitters

5ml Gomme (sugar syrup)


Shake together all the ingredients

Prepare a coupette with a pear sugar rim

(To make a pear sugar rim, run a slice of pear around the rim, then roll the rim in sugar)

Pour into the coupette and serve




30ml Creme de Banana

13ml white Creme de Cacoa

15ml Amaretto

30ml double cream

Half banana


Blend all the ingredients in a blender until smooth

Pour into a highball and garnish with toasted almonds




30ml Vodka

15ml Limoncello

15ml white Cacao

10ml Orgeat

30ml double cream


Shake all the ingredients together

Pour into a martini glass and garnish with a grated lemon twist


To see more of Salvatore perfect Christmas serves visit him at Salvatore’s – ¬†The Playboy Club

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