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Billions Series 2

For those of you know have no knowledge of Billions, where were you in 2016?! For those discerning gents already in the know about how good season one of the hit TV show was, you’ll be glad to know it’s back for season two, tonight.


The season one finale left viewers gripped as the face-off between US Attorney Chuck Rhoades (Paul Giamatti) and billionaire hedge fund owner Bobby ‘Axe’ Axelrod (Damian Lewis) reaches a thrilling climax against the backdrop of Axe Capital’s stripped-to-the-bone headquarters as paranoid Axe is sure Chuck has bugged his offices. Throw into the mix Chuck’s wife Wendy (Maggie Siff) has left him but also left her position as Axe’s in-house therapist too. The final dialogue is compelling viewing between the two battling egos as Chuck reminds Axe, “there’s only one thing you should fear more than a man with limitless resources – and that’s a man with nothing to lose.”

Season two is a chance for all the characters, leading and supporting, to take stock of the situation and plot their next cunning move. For Axe, it’s about returning to the horse racing track where he learnt to back winners and spot losers. It also allows him to rebuild that relentless never-say-die spirit that allowed him to build a billion dollar hedge fund from nothing. Knowing that Chuck will stop at nothing to bring him down, Axe devises a strategy to befriend the many enemies of Chuck in an attempt to bury him under a barrage of lawsuit paperwork.


Chuck, meanwhile has to cope with the breakdown of his marriage and investigations into his often questionable ways as the pressure builds. With the side line of his S&M fetish lurking in the shady background, viewers will learn more about the complex layers binding this ‘man of the law’ together against the irony of his unlawful ways to get the job done.

Expect new characters to add another positive dimension to an already stellar cast line up. Essentially it’s the focus of a battle between two huge egos chasing the downfall of the each other set against the background of a slick city drama where the sub-characters unravel just as many layers as the two lead characters do.

Billions season two begins of Sky Atlantic on Tuesday 21st February at 9pm.

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