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Influence and Persuasion

Posted in Achieve, Business & Career on 3 May 2016 • Read More...

Elysium Magazine provides the key ingredients to ensure you can use the power of influence to your advantage.

Digital Digest: Greece

Posted in Achieve, Business & Career on 6 July 2015 • Read More...

So there has been much discussion about Greece, the state of its economy and where it will leave the EU. Elysium Magazine puts together everything the discerning gent needs to know to get involved in the conversation.

UK Election – lessons learnt

Posted in Business & Career on 13 May 2015 • Read More...

Elysium Magazine distills the recent UK election – with so many predicting the wrong result what can we learn going forward.

A New Approach To Change: Clarity Of Mind

Looking to make a new start and achieve your goals in 2015? The key to success is a change in your thinking, says Jamie Smart. Elysium Magazine speaks to the clarity practitioner on how the discerning gent can up his game this year.

Suits: 5 Skills The Discerning Gent Can Learn From Harvey Specter

Posted in Achieve, Aspire, Business & Career on 19 July 2013 • Read More...

Harvey Specter from Suits is a discerning gent we can all learn something from. Elysium Magazine picks out five key Harvey principles that will help you in the world of business and pleasure.

Productivity Habits

Posted in Achieve, Business & Career on 7 May 2013 • Read More...

Everyone can be that bit more productive, is it always the case that there is not enough hours in the day? There are plenty of basic habits you can learn to ensure productivity at the optimum level.

Career: The Key Skill Of The Future

Posted in Achieve, Business & Career on 18 April 2013 • Read More...

Ever since school, you’ve been presenting information to groups of people. Elysium Magazine looks at the essential career skill which was never taught at school. It is never too late to learn.

Mad Men: 5 Things Discerning Gents Can Learn From Don Draper

Posted in Achieve, Aspire, Business & Career on 10 April 2013 • Read More...

Mad Men is back tonight for Season 6 so the timing is right for Elysium Magazine to pick out five things discerning gents can learn from the show’s star Don Draper.

Mad Men: Business Lessons

Posted in Achieve, Business & Career on 4 April 2013 • Read More...

Business decisions have changed since the 60’s but there are still a number of lessons we can take away from the Mad Men era.

Bond Life: 5 Lessons We Can Learn From James Bond

Posted in Achieve, Aspire, Business & Career on 25 October 2012 • Read More...

For the last 50 years, James Bond has set the standard for men in many respects. Elysium Magazine takes a look at five key aspects of 007 to ask “What can we learn from James Bond?”

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