Posted in Aspire on 30 September 2013 | by Amit

David Gandy Talks Escapism and Fast Cars

What is escapism to the discerning gent? Does he like to hit the gym in order to smash his personal best, does he like lounging on a sunny beach to get away from it all, or does he simply enjoy sitting in his favourite chair at home to listen to that classic album of his?


Everyman has his own version of escapism – it’s defined by the strands of DNA that make up his entire being. It’s unique to him and him alone. The common factor with all escapism is that it’s a diversion for the here and now, the mundane, or down right tedium of reality. It’s a sense of freedom that all men want at some point or another.



British male super model David Gandy is a busy man so perhaps he needs a lot of escapism in order to keep his perspective, or most likely, that his form of escapism allows him to indulge in his passion for cars – very fast cars.


In a video for the launch of the new Jaguar F-TYPE, David tells us just why his choice of escapism in driving is so cherished. It’s stylishly done, but you’d expect nothing less of course.


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What’s your preferred route to escapism – tell us with a tweet!

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