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Aspire: Rock My Roost


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Elysium Magazine spoke to three young entrepreneurs from the West Midlands; Rob Pollard, Katie Leedham and Warren Bickley who have set up Home Interiors retailing site


The idea (like all good ideas) was half done on a beer mat whilst the threesome were chatting about their skills after work over a pint and how they could work together on their own business.  With their love of everything creative, home interiors and of course a good website they decided to set up Rock My Roost.


Warren Bickley, Director of Rock My Roost says of the new venture: “Setting up Rock My Roost with Rob and Katie just felt right. Everyone thought I was pretty crazy to be giving up my spare teenage time to set up a business in my spare time but what a way to kick-start your career by working alongside your boss on a new business!”


Rob Pollard, Katie Leedham and Warren Bickley


Rock My Roost has been a labour of love with hours of web development many in the early hours of the morning when most 19 years old would be sleeping, unlike Warren who puts his all into working for both Lightbox and Rock My Roost including weekends where he, Katie and Rob spend their time marketing their business locally through flyers and events.


Top Tips to launching a business


  • Have a clear vision from the outset. Always create an achievable plan and commit to that plan.
  • Be prepared to work harder than you ever have.
  • Business will not always be about successes. Failures are hard but always learn from them and never get downhearted, it’s business.
  • Keep a keen eye on costs and always look for creative ways to achieve a similar outcome.
  • Think about your name/brand from the outset. It will be with you for years!
  • Embrace technology and move with it (or lead it).




One key lesson that we have learnt as partners in a business is that you won’t always agree on business decisions. We are lucky that there are 3 people so we can vote on decisions. The thing to remember is to keep your emotions out of business decisions and if the decision hasn’t gone your way, move on quickly.



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