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The Discerning Gent – Rules for 2015


2014 has been an impressive year for the discerning gent and that great – what we want is to set the benchmark for the New Year ahead. That means working harder and faster at the gym. Elysium Magazine puts together its rules for 2015.


The DG’s 1st rule – exercise 5 days a week


We have all been there, that New Year’s resolution to start a gym membership or get the old Insanity DVD’s out of storage. Don’t bother. Get realistic with 20 minutes, five days a week – that is all you need to burn fat and build strength, on the basis there are no long rests between sets.


Working the largest muscles quickly puts you into the fat burning zone – work those trunks to maintain the fat burn after the intensive 20 minute session to cut down the fat.


Here’s how it works: Alternate high-intensity intervals of strength and power moves (think dead lifts or wall-ball squats) in a circuit with total-body cardio, like broad jumps.


A mere 20 minutes a day is enough to be achievable and will be much easier to maintain longer term then over-committing from day one.


The DG’s 2nd rule – get in some new moves


james_bond - Casino Royale


If you are a gym veteran, mix it up. Break through those barriers and plateaus and intensify your workout with some serious moves. Check out Daniel Craig’s workout by Charlie Muldowney from West London – Personal Training.


The DG’s 3rd rule – meditate


“What we think of as ‘normal’ aging in our society is not really normal. It’s the psychopathology of a person who is totally stressed out. My research indicates that meditating slows cell death, lowering your ‘biological age,’ which dictates how you look and feel. It allows the body to heal itself. Start with five minutes every morning.”—Deepak Chopra, explains how sitting quietly can make you look better. Its probably worth that 5 minutes in the long term.


The DG’s 4th rule – eat right


Chris Powell, trainer on Extreme Weight Loss, on why the old breakfast cliché is true.


“Guys should eat within 30 minutes of waking. During sleep, the body releases cortisol. When you eat breakfast—preferably complex carbohydrates like oatmeal or a piece of fruit—the body releases insulin, which drives cortisol down. If you don’t lower cortisol, it signals the body to store belly fat. That’s actually how sumo wrestlers gain weight.”

A simple fix for the Discerning Gent in 2015.


The DG’s 5th rule – Soup over juice




If you’ve ever subjected yourself to a juice cleanse, you know the one thing you crave is something hot. So this brings us to the latest fad – soups are now being integrated into detox plans at juice bars across the USA. Benefits include a lower amount of sugar which is typically found in juices, chilled soups are available for that post workout buzz you desire and are cheap to make in bulk. Convinced? Check out for more information.


The DG’s 6th rule – Use tech




2014 saw a host of fitness trackers and GPS watches hit the market – the entry-level trackers provide a good snapshot of your workout and provide easy to manage goals. Invest in a tracker to ensure you remain motivated throughout 2015. Check out the Fitbug Orb for a easy to use tracker with integration with the Apple Health Kit.


The DG’s 7th rule – Look the part


It’s easy to head to the gym with an old t-shirt and worn out shorts but in order to maintain the sense of willing to hit the gym and smash PBs, you need to ensure you head to the gym with a winners attitude. Invest in some stylish sweats to ensure you see the gym as a destination you wish to visit over one you have to.


Check out the latest collection from Nike here.



The DG’s 8th rule – train big


Setting yourself a goal to achieve – and sticking to it – always tricks the brain into looking to succeed, no matter what the cost. Why not look to former Olympic 400m runner Iwan Thomas and his method of preparing for a marathon? Check out his tips here.


The DG’s 9th rule – sports break



Holidays are essential for the discerning gent, but why not look to mix it up with a little bit of thrill seeking? Skiing season is upon us once again and what better way to work those trunks then to get into the slopes? Check out Powder White for some great adventures in the snow.



The DG’s 10th rule – reality check: Golf



“There are no quick fixes—you have to become an exerciser. A lot of men believe that stop-and-go sports are a workout. Some men think golf is. They’re not. Workouts should be focused time when you are strengthening and connecting to your body.” Tracy Anderson, celebrity trainer.


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