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Bond Fitness: The 007 Workout

With the release of the new James Bond film, Skyfall, this week excitement has reached epic proportions that only Q could digest into mathematical statistics. Skyfall will be the biggest Bond film to date, and all eyes will be on Daniel Craig as he brings suave style, piecing stares and an undoubted steeliness to the role. It’s this steeliness that Elysium centres on here, looking at how you, the discerning gent, can get your body to resemble the most muscular and cut-up Bond ever. But to do this, we’ll need the help of experts in this field. Step forward our carefully sourced specialists to show you how to get fit like 007.


The Workout


The first thing you need to realise about this workout is that it won’t be easy. You’ll need to put the work in to get the results you want. It will require commitment, discipline and a mindset (more on mindset later) if you want to get anywhere near the chiselled physique of Daniel Craig. Fitness Expert and Personal Trainer Charlie Muldowney of West London – Personal Training echoes this sentiment as he tells Elysium “To look like Daniel Craig in Bond, I’d put them on a 10 week personal training programme, working out at least three times a week minimum (but four to five times is more realistic) and making sure they followed a nutritional programme religiously”. Strong words indeed, so let’s look at the workout.


Mondays – Chest & Back: 8-10 reps, 3-5 sets with 45-60 seconds rest in-between



If you want to build up the chest muscles and fill out that crisp shirt, then exercises like the flat barbell bench press and the incline/decline barbell bench press (incline for upper chest, decline for lower chest) will help to develop speed and strength. Charlie says the key here (and all following exercises) is to complete the reps explosively then rest for 45-60 seconds between sets. Charlie advises picking the right weight for the amount of reps you’ll be completing, saying “If you want to complete 10 reps then on the 10th rep you shouldn’t be able to complete anymore rep until you’ve rested”.



Bullet-proof your back like Bond using the dumbbell lat pullover and single arm row exercises. The range of movement here targets the back muscles group, helping you to stand tall and confident. Charlie again advises on completing the reps explosively.



Bond doesn’t do things the long way, and nor should you. Charlie says “Skipping is a great cardiovascular exercise and you can burn a high number of calories in a short amount of time. A 10 minute skip can be the equivalent to a 30 minute jog. Mixing up different techniques such as single leg, running, double skips and crossovers is great to get your heart rate up.”


Wednesdays – Biceps & Triceps: 8-10 reps, 3-5 sets with 45-60 seconds rest in-between



Bond’s arms are his main weapons – they take down the bad guys and always have a lady holding on tightly. To get biceps that fill out the sleeves of your shirts and jackets incorporate close grip barbell bicep curls and dumbbell hammer curls into your arm workouts, Charlie advises.



Sounding like a Bond villain super weapon, the skull crusher exercise is great to develop the other upper arm muscles. Add the standing dumbbell extensions and you’ll soon have cut up arms Daniel Craig would be proud of.



Great for those pushed for time but still wanting to test themselves, Charlie recommends trying The Cooper 12 minute Run Test. Using a treadmill or GPS device, run the furthest distance you can in 12 minutes. Charlie says “It doesn’t sound like much but it’s a great cardio workout when you haven’t got a lot of time and you can also track your progress easily.”


Friday – Shoulders and Legs: 8-10 reps, 3-5 sets with 45-60 seconds rest in-between



The dumbbell front lateral raise and standing dumbbell shoulder presses will soon have shoulders capable of holding the weight of expectation Bond attracts.



It’s the exercise group many men fear or neglect, but Bond always has powerful legs ready for action. Build a Bond-esque set of pins using backwards lunges. Starting with your feet together, take a step back behind you and lower your back knee towards the ground until it’s 2 inches from the floor. At the same time, keep you upper body straight and slowly return to the starting position. This exercise will focus on your gluteus maximus. Elysium has tried it – you’ll definitely feel the burn here but it’ll be worth it. Bond never quits.



Charlie tells Elysium that plyometrics are fantastic for improving your all-over power and great for the time-pressed Bond wannabe. Try the moving squat jumps exercise. Mark out an area of 15 yards, starting at one side squat as low as possible and explode up and forward in the same movement. Continue the move until you reach the end marker, turn around and do it again. That’s one set. The trick here is to travel with the least amount of squats to improve power in your legs and glutes.


Food to Fuel 007


Charlie is as direct as 007 here, explaining “Protein is what repairs and promotes muscle growth in our bodies. So in order to get that Daniel Craig look, you need to be taking on between 1.6-1.8g of protein per kg of your body weight daily.” His advice on what to consume revolves around numerous animals, which echoes Elysium’s mentally to food really. He adds “Other than dietary supplements, meat and fish such as haddock, tuna, trout, salmon, bacon, beef and chicken have the highest amount of protein per 100g. Work to a daily intake that works out as 20% protein, 50% carbohydrates and 30% natural fats.” If you’ve read any of Elysium’s restaurant reviews before, you’ll know we 100% encourage vast animal protein consumption!



The Mindset


A defined workout and nutritional plan is great but you’ll need to train the mind to think like Bond too. It’ll help with discipline when you need to stick to your exercise routine as well as add to overall 007 demeanour. Confidence Coach Matthew Davies of Power The Change highlights three essential elements to programme into your psyche:


  1. James Bond is an Action Man – so take some action! If not now, when? Make the decision then start straight away. If you slip up, just keep on, keeping on. Life is two steps forward and one step back, so don’t be so surprised when that step back comes along. For Bond, failure is not an option. Persistence is the key. A river doesn’t cut through a rock because of its strength but by its persistence.


  1. James Bond has purpose and has a passion about what he does. Enjoy or endure? It’s a simple flick of the head switch. Consciously choose to enjoy your workout. It works. Abraham Lincoln said “you’re as happy as you make your mind up to be”. If you can do that with happiness you can sure do it with exercise!


  1. James Bond is methodical. One day at a time: Your overall goal should be brought down to bite size goals that can be achieved one day at a time. The more you celebrate the success of achieving those goals, the more motivated you’ll be. A distant goal will be a lot harder to achieve.


Now you have the know-how to get fit like Bond. Daniel Craig wasn’t given the body of a gladiator, he worked on it. Bond had to program himself to become the methodical and direct operator he is known for. But all this is achievable for you too – use the advice, train the mind and reap the benefits. Get fit like Bond.



Elysium advises care when working with weights and gym equipment. If you are unsure of any of the exercises please seek the advice of your gym staff or fitness expert.


Charlie Muldowney is a Fitness Expert and Personal Trainer at West London – Personal Training. To find out more, visit:


Matthew Davies is a Confidence Coach at Power The Change. To find out more, visit:

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